Our services

Museograph is a multidisciplinary team that can research and develop content, design exhibition systems and manage complex projects.  


We can also assist with scoping reports, feasibility studies and funding strategies to help your projects along.  

Technology and social media

Museograph has a user centred approach to exhibition technology and we can offer a range of media solutions including touch screens and, interactive projections, as well as  more traditional museum display techniques.  


Museograph can develop creative, hands on educational programmes for primary and secondary education, designing packs and digital materials as a follow up to the museum experience. All material is created by Anthony Breese, an experienced education teacher and IT specialist. 


Our exhibitions are client focussed and developed using ecomuseuim principles. We collaborate with our clients, working with voluntary organisations as well as local authorities and produce exhibitions with a strong sense of place.

About us


Anthony Breese

BEd (Teaching) / Ministry Accredited Facilitator / Microsoft Innovative Educator / Apple Teacher


Anthony is an Education IT specialist, Professional Learning Development facilitator (Ministry of Education Accredited) and is passionate about using technology to deliver stories and make the viewer go wow! After 19 years as a teacher in the primary school area, Anthony now manages Museograph, project manages and uses technology to enhance the museum learning experience.


Mark Sharma 

BA DipCApSc (Otago)


Mark Sharma has eighteen years experience working as a designer in the diverse field of exhibition and interpretive design. Mark has experience and skills which can be applied to any design challenge. He works at ADInstruments as a user experience design engineer in the development of software applications. Mark continues to operate Studio 3 Ltd (established in 2008) focusing on interpretive design projects, the most recent being the exhibition We Drove Hereheld at the Hocken Library in 2015-6.

Alison Breese

BA Hons (Otago), MA (Otago) History


Alison is a Digital Archivist and research specialist with more than 20 years experience in archives and local history. Alison is passionate about bringing archives into the digital world and has merged virtual reality technology in telling stories of the past.


She recently completed the first digital platform thesis at University of Otago in 2020 on the built heritage of public conveniences and is known as the "Loolady".


Grant Baxter

MDes (Otago)


Grant Baxter is an experienced software, website, and experience designer and developer. He has managed and implemented a wide range of complex software and experience design projects for a variety of clients. Grant uses design observation, ideation, and prototyping methods to quickly build quality products. Grant completed a Master of Design degree in 2012. His thesis was titled Designing innovative smartphone applications for visitors to New Zealand’s National Parks.