Museuograph worked with Otago Museum head designer Craig Scott to set up Things Change, an exhibition focusing on Martin Phillipps of legendary Dunedin band The Chills. Soon to be the subject of a feature length documentary from Notable Pictures, Martin's unique perspective on his creative process is showcased with over 500 items from his personal collection.


Things Change has been shortlisted for the Best Design Awards 2018.


We Drove Here was first shown at the Hocken Gallery in 2015 and its main sponsor. The Otago Motor Club Trust, wanted it to tour around Otago. They very generously paid all of the costs for installing the exhibition at Commwell Museum where it will be on show until the end of the year. If you want We Drove Here for your museum, please contact us

We Drove Here at Cromwell Museum. Open now. Free.


Museograph, working with Dunedin sculptors Louisa Bailey, Tony McManus and Seddons GRC Solutions, recently completed 

restoration work on the Nelson Centre of Musical Arts building. As with many buildings of its period it had been modified for earthquake resistance and its ornate parapets shaved off in the 1980s. We worked with conservation architect Ian Bowman to reconstruct the missing elements and the results are stunning. We particularly enjoyed working on the central mask over the main door so look up next time you are in Nelson.

PHOTOGRAPH: Louisa Bailey



Museuograph has been working closely with the DCC Business Information Services to create their new Innovation Lab. The DCC wanted a space that was new, flexible, fresh and innovative for their staff to collaborate and work in. 

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We rather like cryptic exhibition titles at Museograph so Vogel & Bond is a reminder that long before Dunedin had a revitalised warehouse precinct, it had streets with names that everyone knew. 

Vogel & Bond is the latest changeover of the Creative Dunedin exhibition at Toitu Otago Settlers Museum. It features new music from Ian Henderson's stable at the wonderful Fishrider Records including Stef Animal and Mestar, as well as recycled fashion design by Señorita Awesomo.

Click on the exhibition graphic below and see what we think the elements of a creative city are. We will concentrate on these areas when we come back to renew the exhibition again.

Vogel & Bond. Creative Dunedin gallery, Toitu Otago Settlers Museum. Open now.